DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 23 Mar 2016

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Postby colin » 24 Mar 2016, 12:35

Hi All,

Just a quick note this week

The rain stayed away and we had a fine evening at the track.

The first session started with a warm up Pacelines with two groups completing 8 and 10 laps to warm up.
Alison and Caitlin then brought out the younger rides to do a few laps on the main track to warm up.
The main group's the next drill was Whistle Sprints, 5 sprints lasting 10 -15 seconds then a lap to finish.
While the main group rested the younger riders were on the track again, riding up the banking with huge smiles on their faces.
Next was Fox 'n Rabbit, with Hugh, Genevieve, Luka and Aidan trying the catch Isla, Charlotte, Angelica and Flynn.
We finished the session with a chariot race over 4 laps. Hugh and Isla leading for 3 ½ laps being passed at the end by Genevieve and Oscar in the last half lap. Luka and Angelica coming home third, then Aidan and Flynn.
A short warm down before the second session started

The second session followed the same format, 15 lap warm up then, Whistle Sprints, Fox ‘n Rabbit and ending with a Chariot Race before the warm down.

The fox n Rabbit took a little time for the groups to organise themselves. Once together both group worked well and kept most riders for most of the drill. As the Rabbits split off as the number of laps increased the Foxes slowly caught up. Caitlin was the last rabbit when the foxes made the catch.

The Chariot race saw Bat the will leading for 3 laps , the other pairs gaining. With most pairs coming together coming out of corner 4, onto the home straight sprinting for the line. Luke and Caitlin broke free the cross first closely followed by Bat with Will slightly dropped, then I think it was Jonathan and Ruby. The rest were so close I couldn’t tell the placings. Great racing by all.

Congratulations to Charlotte for winning the Margaret McLaughlin Women's Race and Adrien for winning the Elimination race at the Classic Bike Show last Saturday. Thanks to all the riders.

No more birthday’s this month

Thanks to Alison and Caitlin for helping

Have a great Easter break

‘til next week


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