DHBC Junior Training News and Report 22nd June 2016

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Hi All,

I'm impressed with the effort you all put in tonight. Probably there will be some sore legs next day.

Gloves and Glasses Please make sure to wear gloves and glasses next week - your hands will thank you when you fall off, and the glasses are particularly useful when riding behind the motorbike as it tends to kick up grit off the track..


This is Friday night racing is open to suitably capable 2nd year U15s and above. There will be novice grade this week for those new to RAW. You will need a Race licence to present on your first night. Sign on at 6ish for a 7:05 start. On every Friday night for the next 14 weeks at Dunc Gray Velodrome. More info here

Try to get to the holiday training out at Dunc Gray Velodrome. They are the best way to get used to riding on Sydney's best velodrome.
U11 & U13 Tuesday 5 and 12 July
U15 &U 16 Thursday 7 and 14 July
More info here

Tonight's Training

Early Group
The U9/11s rode a 5 lap warm up paceline under Alison's guidance while the U13s attempted a 10 lap paceline. The U13's paceline was extended another 10 laps until they could stay together in a line.

Then they all completed up to 3 held 1/4 lap standing starts concentrating on pulling up strongly on the pedals.

Next I motorpaced them at about 30km/hr on the (almost vanished) pacers line and sent the off for individual sprints to hte finish line. 2 each.

We finished with two races.
First a 3 lap handicap scratch with Charlotte and Isla riding strongly to stay away from Hugh who made a big effort to try to make up almost a lap head start leaving Flynn and Oscar to battle it out for the minor placings.

By popular demand, we finished with an elimination race with a handicapped start. Over the longer distance Hugh was much stronger than the rest buts lots of good racing.

Later Group
20 lap warm-up paceline. I was impressed by the even pace.

Sprints off the Motorbike
I motorpaced this group at 40 km/hr sending one rider off for an individual sprint each lap. They each completed 3 progressively shorter sprints with the last sprint in pairs.

Win and Out
This is one of the races at RAW this week. 2 laps before the first sprint and then another sprint every 2 laps. (RAW format might be different!) Wins to Rohan, Jonno, Harry, Bat, and Joe. There are tactics to think about in this race.

Because I had the motorbike out, we did a 30 lap motorpace from 40 km/hr building up to 60 km/hr Most of the juniors lasted half of that and Rohan stayed until near the end

I don't have the birthday info so you'll have to wait a month for your belated birthday wishes from Colin

See you all next week

John Caley

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