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Hi All,
lovely brisk winter weather for the 10 brave riders who turned up on wednesday night. Luckily the wind died down. I recommend you all have something covering your arms and legs and 2 layers on your chest. So maybe add a jacket and knee warmers or arm warmers a singlet and leg warmers. Warm legs work better.


This week is teams night where all riders points on each of 6 teams count towards which team is ranked highest. The night ends with super italian pursuits between all members of each team. Your points for the week are determined by where your team places in the super italian pursuits. This is Friday night racing is open to suitably capable 2nd year U15s and above. You will need a race licence to present on your first night. Sign on at 6ish for a 7:05 start. . More info here


Early Group
Angela rode a warm-up of 5 laps while charlotte and William rode 10.

Next all completed 3 held 1/4 lap standing starts concentrating on pulling up with bach leg. This is to build their strength.

The drill for the night was to ride above Alison who stood on the track in the middle of turn 1. With each lap she moved higher up the track until everyone had to ride right up to the fence. Be careful not turn too sharply after decending to the bottom of the track.

Then a handicapped 2 lap race giving Angela a half lap head start followed by Charlotte and William almost together. William passed both but Angela rode strongly to stay away from Charlotte despite me adding an extra lap mid race.

We ended with a handicapped shoe race with the faster riders having to run further for their shoes. Charlotte showed good speed and the advantage of velcro straps to lead home by a long way.

Congratulations to William on graduating to the main group of the early group. Kudos to Angela getting up the confidence to stop by herself on the main track fence. Practiced several times over the night.

Later Group
20 lap warm-up paceline.

Group flying laps
groups of 3 and 4 completed 3 of flying entry 500m sprints and then 2 of flying 333 sprints. This drill is designed to get the legs spinning fast and is not supposed to be a race but when you have more than one bike rider .....

Circular Pursuit
This is an endurance race where you are elimimated if passed by the rider behind you. Johnno was the last rider remaining after taking quite a few laps to pass Joe who had eliminated Will. Kudos to Will for staying in so long against the older boys.

15 Lap Points race
This will be the endurance race at RAW on Friday night, so good to practice keeping track of the laps.
Batt was the clear winner, taking every sprint, followed by Johnno who was pipped each time. Joe got 2 thirds to take third place on points, while Harry got 2 points for his third place before pulling out. Will and Hugo got a point each but Hugo finishes ahead because his 4th place was later in the race.

Colin plan to be back next week. Thanks Alison and parents for helping with the sessions
See you next week
John Caley

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