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Postby geoff m » 04 Mar 2009, 22:24

Hi all,

Further to fantastic growth in membership, in participation and some recent feedback on bunch riding, the exec team yesterday further discussed issues to help clarify which groups to ride with. Here are some general principles, and if unsure, please come to speak with a club official to help determine best bunch.

New Riders - You have two to three rides to experience riding with DHBC to work out if you would like to take the plunge and join our club under the umbrella of Cycling NSW. You should provide new rider information and be aware of and accept personally the inherent risks of cycling with us (and riding with us, signifies you accept this)

New riders should only join Saturday Slowies or Sunday Cruisers where other participants accept that skills will be varied and accept that risk. In exceptional circumstances, new riders may be deemed able to join Sunday Middies, but must have this agreed by a club official (not just member) first. No new unlicenced rider should ever ride with Sunday Fasties.

General guidelines for licenced members:

Other principles:

Don't move up a group if you are strong but are yet to master group riding techniques.

Middies riders should not split the bunch. Ensure bulk of group remain together on the upward slope sections.

Skill level for Fasties is strength, technique and bunch riding skills. Generally we would expect you have present or past racing experience as well. No unlicenced riders to ride with this group at all.

What about members from other clubs?

I've confirmed with Randwick Botany (and is a good principle for all other clubs) that its too dangerous to merge club bunches. Never ride on to the back of other bunches - keeping 10 metres or so back is OK, with a gap.

Both clubs agree that its acceptable for dropped licenced riders (generally in one, twos or threes, but no more) to join in on other club bunches if their skill sets match. We will reciprocate as well. We may ask members from other clubs to sit on the back of our bunch if we feel their skill set is not up to the standard of our bunch, and should expect the same for ourselves. If in doubt - just sit on the back of the bunches.

What about other unidentified riders?
Much greater chance that they have less skills and are unlicenced. Its OK if they sit on the back of us, and don't pose a danger to us, but they should not ride in front of any DHBC licenced member. You may politely challenge them, and explain the reason why.

Rather than use this official club announcement site to debate and discuss this clarification, members of the club executive welcome your feedback and suggestions of improvements any time whilst riding, sipping caffeine or by making direct contact.

Also, the practicality of enforcing these principles 100% is not possible due to size of club, membership and number of bunches and everyone must be aware of inherent risks. Do please however share your feedback on anything you think can be done better, or any incidents you see where you think we can learn from, or needs some form of interventions.
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Postby weiyun » 04 Mar 2009, 22:32

Thanks for putting this up Geoff. It might be worth keeping it as a sticky as well as having a link or similar information on the main site.

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