2013 DHBC Awards and Christmas Party

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Congratulations to our 2013 Club Champions

Elite women track – Lizanne Wilmot
Elite women road – Maddy Van Ewyk
Elite Men road – Chris Hageman
Elite men track – Eric Macdonald
Masters Men road – John Mason
Masters Women Road – Pia Atahan
Masters Women Track - Joanne Troutman

Club Person of the Year – Eleri Morgan-Thomas

1. Narcissm Award: Peter Bownes - for taking far too many Selfies. Only recently and partly redeemed by including other people in them.

2. Sartorial Splendour Award: Peter Tregillgas and Michele Moss - Contribution to Club Uniform – for the track jacket that’s the envy of every other club and makes us look like we are rocking The Fonz

3. Non Sequitur Award: Andrew Mattes - for the most ridiculous Strava Titles ever. For example:
“Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairy tales. That's all she ever thinks about. Riding with the wind.”

“Oh but to just dine on sewage, cold seagull pie. Wrestle albino alligators and spin the good lie.”

4. Walkley Award : Philip de Masurier -Contribution to Cycling Photography for taking some excellent photos and being part of some weird photo cycle bromance with James and Andrew.

5. Most Obsessed Award: Marc Receretnam - for singlehandedly driving the committee MAD, for trying to wrangle the Valley Wheelers, who blithely ignored every entreaty, forgot that BBQ means, like, getting food and stuff, until it came to the ultimate day in March when we pulled off a truly wonderful Classic Bicycle Show at Tempe.

6. Thank God You’re Here Award – Greg Pankhurst for scaring us all witless, for causing us to fundraise for a tricycle when we are a bicycle club. Above and beyond.

7. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Award: Christian Lees - for his good deeds to the club (clothing & bike maintenance), badness for taking out so many riders this year, and ugly disposition towards fools.

8. Quiet Achiever Award– Ben Thomson for being dragged along by his bro to Slowies, on Jeremy's rather nice bike that he then managed to make his own. For only just making the Johnny Warren, and then riding back to the Gong in February. And then getting more and more epic before crashing Jeremy's bike, getting back on the bike and being hit by a car (on the same day), and subsequently buying a brand new carbon one. And then insanely riding to Newcastle Overnight in the pouring rain.

9. Quiet Achiever Award - Kerry Vogels for agreeing to ride along the bike path with cycle obsessed partner and ride leader Todd. For then venturing to Kurnell. And then making it to Waterfall with the C25s. And now to the C28s and ... who knows what's beyond.

10. Developing women award - Jessica Llewellyn for doggedly running the women's track training on Saturday afternoons throughout the year. OK, sometimes she mysteriously went on holidays for a few weeks and then returned but throughout the year women and girls have had their own time on the track. To the extent that the blokes got jealous and demanded their own. But didn't really organise it properly. And for introducing children to the track far earlier than anyone else by bringing them along in utero.

11. Endurance award – Carol Rosier and Ray Patton for the unbelievable achievement of riding Saturday Slowies but commuting to the start from the Blue Mountains!

12 N+1 Awards to the people who maxed out their credit cards and took small mortgages on their houses and children during the year. No names no packdrill. Titanium anyone? Di2? Carbon wheels?

13 Steptoe and Son awards - to everyone who found a frame on the side of a road and then spent hours obsessing over it at the cafe and on the forum and trying to find out its provenance (usually unsuccessfully).

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