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Postby bro » 12 Nov 2015, 19:33

In this thread i am going to do a series of reports about the racing exploits of myself, the rest of the Dulwich hill juniors squad as well as my SMCA Teammates. For those who don't know NJTS stands for national junior track series, which is separate from the National Championship. The series has 4 rounds, in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Tasmania, in that order. it serves to provide lots for racing in big (and strong) fields. it is a chance especially for newer riders to learn how to ride in a bunch of 24.

So the Sydney round has already come to pass, with some great racing from all in attendance. notably Will and Mia punching well above their weight as first year fifteens. Tomas Cornish, SMCA teammate took out a host of victories, and left ranked 4th. One of the standout races for me was me and Toms points race final, when we attacked with 11 laps still on the board and stayed away despite a host of quality riders behind to take out 1st and 2nd. You never stop learning a track events like these and i was learned the hard lesson of when NOT to attack. I finished ranked 14th, and look to try and ride my way into top ten in rank in the coming rounds
results and rankings are here
http://www.cycling.org.au/DesktopModule ... entid=1525
http://www.cycling.org.au/DesktopModule ... entid=1529

Tomorrow night me and my dad (John) fly out to Melbourne. i have just pack my bike into a loaned bike bag (thanks Eleri!) and i am super pumped for what is sure to be a great weekend of racing
Updates to come.

Jenny and Bob W
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Postby Jenny and Bob W » 12 Nov 2015, 19:59

Great report thanks Bro. Good luck this weekend.

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Postby Dougie » 13 Nov 2015, 16:08

Great work Bro! Good luck mate.

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Postby Eleri » 13 Nov 2015, 18:49

Looking forward to hearing all about it!

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Postby humanbeing » 14 Nov 2015, 22:15

Great report Bro. Good luck for the rest of the series!

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Postby bro » 23 Nov 2015, 18:09

So It has been more than a week since the Melbourne round of NJTS, an I have finally remember that i need to write this report at a time when i had the opportunity to write it. So starting from the start.
Me and john get to the airport and check in with lots of time to spare. We find our gate and sit down. John teaches me how to do crypic crosswords. 20 min later John thinks that we might be in the wrong area, and asks the lady near us if she is headed to Melbourne. She's not. We go back and look at the signs. We WERE in the right place. More crosswords. Our plane is delayed because of the bad weather, and we board at about 9:30.

At around midnight we get out of the taxi at our accommodation for the weekend-the WSAS Squad are next door, The Jones' are opposite and we are staying with Tom Cornish and his mum, Vicki. We unload and get into bed quickly, trying not to wake Tom. (Vicki was awake to greet us). Me and John shared a double bed, and i think i fared better than him in our nocturnal warfare. despite our late arrival i felt only a little bit tired on the morning of our first day of racing.

At the track The NSW Riders sit together in the groups of SMCA/WSAS Hunter District Academy, Illawara Academy, Golbourn and wagga cycling clubs. I think i ended up in 8 races on the first day, from 2 lap sprints to 20 lap eliminations. I had an interesting race in my elimination heat-i rode of the front, and sat there for the rest of the race at a pace that was borderline comfortable. Tom Lynch, a fellow NSW rider eased the pace a bit to help me say off the front. We also had an Aussie Crawl as the last event, and both me and Tom we in the start list. The Aussie Crawl is a race in which riders have to track-stand for an indeterminate amount of time before a bell is rung and the sprint is on for one lap.
(action is at 2:50)
There is a video of our actual race floating around on facebook, ill see if i can find it.

At the end of the first day, i got into a couple finals, did ok with dome top 10 finishes in finals and i think i may have just moved into top ten in the rankings.

Day two was a shorter day, with another round of eliminations, points race finals (qualification was top 24 from round one) and some other sprinty events.
The eliminations didn't go so well, and i missed out on my final. i was a bit bummed. I went from the front to the back after i was undertaken by a rider while coming back from off the front (i was in the sprinters lane, but i was also purposefully riding a bit wide to make him go the long way. Maybe this counts as "manifestly riding wide" or maybe the commissionaires did not notice) regardless, its is just learning, so i didn't bother checking with the commissionaires (not that there was much they could do). So after that we had our points race. Me and tom had a vague plan to try and get of the front, but a fast pace stopped that from eventuating. i was very pleased to be able to take an opportunity to take first in one sprint and finish in fifth place.

So at the end i left with a bunch of top ten finished, one top five and a better brain and legs to race with next time.

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Postby bro » 07 Dec 2015, 14:57

Here us the video of our Aussie crawl from Melbourne. report from Launceston to come
https://www.facebook.com/lana.craig.96/ ... 437842476/

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