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Postby colin » 01 Apr 2016, 11:32

Hi All,

Another great night to be at the track. Hope you all had a lovely break over Easter

This week’s focus was on the 2 lap time trail. I hold these every 3 -> 4 months so the riders can gauge their improvements.

After the 8 and 10 laps Paceline warm ups it was time trail time. Angela and Banjo were set the task of completing 1 lap as fast as possible. Both set new PB’s with Angela betting her last time by 1.24 seconds and Banjo setting his first recorded time. Next the others tried to set new 2 lap times. For Charlotte and Isla it was their first 2 lapper, moving up from a single lap, put in great times. Aidan set a new PB being almost 4 seconds faster than he’s last time. It was Flynn’s and Hugh first run, both getting good times. Great work guys.

We finished the session with a 6 lap handicap race, with Hugh as back marker, then Aidan, Flynn, Isla and Charlotte. As the laps progressed both Aidan the Hugh passed the other riders but Hugh could not catch Aidan at the end. Aidan first, then Hugh by 10 m, with Isla, Flynn and then Charlotte.

Then a few happy lap to warm down.

The second session started with a 15 lap Paceline followed by 2 lap TT’s. Bernie and Tim wrangled the back straight and Alan and I the front with Bro being the starter in the middle. Everyone rode well, with most just under their PB. Riders to note were Jonathan with a scorching 51.41 seconds, Oliver improving by 4.5 seconds and Caitlin bettering by almost 3 seconds. Excellent riding by all

We finished the session with a mystery lapper w/- handicap. The whistle blow on the 6th lap just after the faster group had caught the slower group. Max and Lawrence fought for the win with Max crossing first, Lawrence second. Sarah was close behind, followed by the twins crossing together. And then a blur of riders followed.

After a few warm down laps the session was over.

Canterbury Council is surveying the community about Waterworth Park (including Canterbury Velodrome) and Gough Whitlam Park (on the other side of Bayview Avenue). It would be good if as many people as possible complete the online survey and tick the boxes for Velodrome and Cycle path as things they value in these parks. Facilities like the velodrome will go if people don't tell council we want them kept.

To complete the survey go here.

No birthday’s until later this month

Thanks to Alison, Caitlin, Bernie, Tim, Alan, Lance, Anton and Bro for helping with the sessions

‘til next week


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