DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 6 April 2016

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Postby colin » 08 Apr 2016, 15:58

Hi All,

Just a short note this week.

Another great night to be at the track.

The first session started with a Paceline for 8/10 laps. Then Starts, two up over ¼ lap, 2 efforts each. Sam, Banjo and Angelia then chased each other over 3 laps with loads of encouragement from the crowd.
Next a Secret Sprint and then ending the session with a warm down.

John got the motorcycle out for the second session which started with a 24 lap motorpace.
We then tried a new drill, sort of like fox n rabbit with two groups of 6. One following the motorbike and the other riding tempo on the blue line. When the motorbike group caught the other group it swung up and the tempo group got on the back of the motorbike. Swapping turns over 30 laps.

We then tried another new drill. A combination of lead out and whistle sprint from behind the motorbike over 10 laps.
Ending this hard session with a few warm down laps

House Keeping
Cleats, please check you cleats for wear and replace if required. Also if possible have a spare pair so you can change them and continue to ride. I will be checking all rider’s cleats before they enter the track next week.

Canterbury Council is surveying the community about Waterworth Park (including Canterbury Velodrome) and Gough Whitlam Park (on the other side of Bayview Avenue). It would be good if as many people as possible complete the online survey and tick the boxes for Velodrome and Cycle path as things they value in these parks. Facilities like the velodrome will go if people don't tell council we want them kept.

To complete the survey go here.

Upcoming events
25th Apr - ANZAC day Carnival – Bowral – entries close 14th April

School Holiday training
Wednesday nights will be on as per usual

Barrie and Tom will be holding one session on the 21st out at Dunc Gray Velodrome, specialising in Sprint training for U15/17s. See here for details

No birthday’s this week

Thanks to Alison, Caitlin, Jess, Lance and Justin for helping with the sessions

Have a great and safe time over the school holidays

‘til next week


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