DHBC Juniors Training, News and Statistics 13 April 2016

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Postby colin » 14 Apr 2016, 17:27

Hi All,

Just a short note this week.

School holidays must have kept everyone away this week. Good to see Tess mended from her surgery and back riding with the doctors OK.

The first session started with Georgia and Aidan completing an 8 lap Paceline. while Banjo followed Alison around the banking.
Then Starts, for all, over a ½ lap, 2 efforts each.
Next a wheel race over 4 laps with Aidan on scratch, Georgia at 150m and Banjo at 330m. Banjo started well and used his speed and endurance to stay away and take the win. Aidan worked hard from scratch to pass Georgia finishing second and Georgia rode smartly to stay in front of Aidan for 2.5 lap before being overtaken. Great riding all.
Finishing the session with a few warm down laps while the late session organised themselves on the fence

The late session Split into 2 groups for a warm up Paceline over 20 laps.
Then Starts, as per the first session, over a ½ lap, starting on both feet.
Next it was a Secret Sprint. The most common sprint by the riders was to wait until the home straight before making the jump. Rohan made the bold move to jump just before the 200m to go mark.
Next an 8 lap handicap scratch race with Rohan, Bat and Jonathan ½ lap down on the rest of the field. They rode well together to bridge the gap and all rides were together of the last 4 laps. The final lap saw Rohan, Jonathan and Bat accelerate from the rest of the field, Rohan leading with Jonathan and Bat on his wheel. It was a close finish with Rohan crossing first, then Jonathan, Bat. The other riders sprinted for the minor placing with Luke ahead of Jess and Alison.
With a few minutes to go, the session finished with lead outs

House Keeping
Cleats, please check you cleats for wear and replace if required. Also if possible have a spare pair so you can change them and continue to ride. I will be checking all rider’s cleats before they enter the track next week.

Also, no more dark lenses in your glasses as the lights are on. Swap the clear or transparent lenses, I need to be able to see your eyes.

Upcoming events
25th Apr - ANZAC day Carnival – Bowral – entries close tonight.
This is the last track carnival of the season so please enter of a fun day. See John’s post linking photos from previous years

Training over the School Holidays
Wednesday nights will be on as per usual

Barrie and Tom will be holding one session on the 21st out at Dunc Gray Velodrome, specialising in Sprint training for U15/17s. See here for details

Happy birthday the Angelica. I hope you have a great day

Thanks to Alison, Tess, Jess and Alan for helping with the sessions

Have a great and safe time over the school holidays
Good luck to thous riding the Tour of Sydney this weekend.

‘til next week


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