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The much awaited Race All Winter (RAW) Track series for 2018 draft program in the comments. Get on the track and support this great annual series which is probably the best fun you'll ever have on a bike. Info and results at http://www.rawtrack.com.au/

New Riders
Riders who have never ridden on Dunc Gray star in novice grade. You can stay in novice as long as you like but most people move on to an appropriate grade the following week.

Rawtrack is self graded from Div 5 to Div 1, but unsubtle hints will be dropped if someone appears to be winning their races fairly consistently

Each week you will get at least four races in each of five grades. Typically a warm-up scratch race, a wheel race (a type of handicap), a sprint event, an endurance type event, and the final event will be combined grade scratch races for lower grades and a madison or time blaster for div 1. Paul Craft (Crafty) has invented lots of interesting races so that every week's racing is different. Look on the Rawtrack webforum for explanations of the Winners Race, the Snowball and the Poker race. http://www.rawtrack.com.au/index.php/topic,5.0.html

Points and Prizes
You score points each week for turning up and for the first 4 places in the middle 2 events. There are great prizes at the end of the season for those with the highest points tally in divisions 1-4 (div 5 is a training division), and the points of all the riders in each club get totaled for the club championship.

Getting There
It takes about 50 minutes to drive from Marrickville to DGV on a Friday night plus you need to leave a bit of time for registering, setting up and warming up. It is only a couple of km ride from Yagoona Railway Station if you fit brakes and lights to your bike.

There is usually a sausage sizzle and drinks on sale

Have a drink and watch the video footage at La Rivage right next door
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