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Postby jimmy » 17 Aug 2018, 07:18

Hi All

As part of my University Studies this semester, a group of us have to recruit someone to undergo an exercise test. For this, the person needs to be classified as low risk (which basically means no existing metabolic conditions or cardio vascular issues).

The volunteer will be screened and tested by another group for an assessment and for this they will undergo various tests. These include blood glucose test, grip strength test, blood pressure and they'll also have various body measurements taken (height, weight and waist circumference). If they pass all of these as Low Risk, then they'll under go a maximal test on a stationary exercise bike.

If you're interested, please first confirm that you answer No to all questions on the first page of this screening tool (https://www.essa.org.au/wp-content/uplo ... n-v1.1.pdf). If you answer Yes to any of them, but are still interested, let me know as this is not the only screening tool and by other metrics you may still be classified as Low Risk.

My group will then have to perform a formal assessment (which can be done by phone). You'll then have to attend the Lidcombe Campus of the University of Sydney for 2, 1 hour sessions (these will be during normal business hours). The first will be to undergo formal screening (which will be by another group), this will be another pre screening as well as the other tests. The second will be the maximal exercise test.

You will be given the results of all of the tests.

This is likely to suit someone who would like a free fairly decent health screen, but if you are not already exercising, you will probably hate the maximal test. If you are already exercising pretty seriously and would like to have a good benchmark of your existing condition then this would be a good start.


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