Joining Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club

So you'd like to join DHBC—great news—here's how:

There are 2 easy steps to membership
  1. Understand the Risks of Cycling;
  2. Take out a free trial with AusCycling if you're still considering whether you want a permanent membership: signup here.
  3. Upgrade to a Lifestyle or Race membership as appropriate. Note: we don't recommend the Lifestyle Basic membership as it doesn't include personal accident cover, and is only slightly cheaper.

For those who are fairly new to riding and want to trial riding with the Club, AusCycling have introduced a free 4 week trial membership.

It's important for insurance, for complying with rules (including UCI and State and Australian Laws) and for organisational purposes that people join if they enjoy riding with DHBC. Plus if you like the club, why not join up?

Joining DHBC gives you membership to 2 organisations
  1. Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (DHBC); and
  2. AusCycling (which provides insurance and allows you to race if you have a race licence).

Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club requires you to read the following and understand the potential risks with group cycling.

Risk of Personal Injury

Every year a number of cyclists are killed on Australian roads. Deaths and injuries in road and track cycling although not common do occur. A common group activity is bunch cycling and there are risks involved with this. Riders in the bunch including yourself can make mistakes and cause riders to fall. Road conditions such as potholes, debris, oil or water can cause riders to fall. When a rider falls in a bunch often others fall with them and this will often result in injuries. Cars are a constant danger to cyclists and we have to share the road with them. Although a bunch of cyclists standout on the road, cars have been known to create collisions.

When you ride with us you are agreeing to accept this risk.

To minimize this risk we ask you to tell us before you join our bunch if you are not an experienced bunch cyclist. We can offer you coaching and advice on which groups you should ride with.

Membership to Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club includes personal insurance to provide an income if you are injured and money for medical expenses or a benefit due to death. We require our all riders to join Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club. Our aim is to have every rider in our groups covered by a Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club membership. If you are trying us out we require you to join by your 3rd ride with us.

Where is the club located?

We are located in the Inner West of Sydney and cater to all surrounding suburbs. Our rides usually start in Marrickville and our track training is at Tempe (Canterbury) Velodrome.

Rides start point

Do I need a high level of fitness to start riding with the club?

No - We have a ride that is especially for riders of all fitness levels - Saturday Slowies (See the Road page for more details). We encourage new riders to join in with this ride and build fitness from there. You can bring any type of bike to this ride as long as it's roadworthy.